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About Us

Paul Cook & Associates offer expert advice to bankers, investors, creditors, directors, debtors and legal and accounting advisors. We have the knowledge and experience to provide practical advice and can assist you with implementing the best solution.


Talk to one of our senior staff today about the options available to you or your client.

All information is treated in a strictly confidential manner and the first consultation is provided free of charge.


Corporate Services


         Insolvency Advice

         Investigative Accounting

         Deeds of Company Arrangement

         Voluntary Winding Up


         Agent for the Mortgagee


         Business Valuation

         Business Reorganisation

         Litigation Support / Family Law

         Professional Partnership Disputes



Other Services
In addition to insolvency advice and administration, Paul Cook & Associates also offers professional services in the following areas:


         Business Valuation

         Business Reorganisation

         Investigative Accounting

         Litigation Support / Family Law

         Partnership Disputes


         Dispute Resolution


As you would expect all matters are dealt with in a strictly confidential manner. Contact us to discuss your particular situation and requirements.



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Please note: Members Voluntary Liquidations and Bankrupt Estates will not be published to this site. For information please contact us.


Our Values
Paul Cook & Associates is committed to the values of:




         Accountability and

         Technical Proficiency


We strive to meet the expectations of all concerned however it is part of the human condition that at times misunderstandings occur or situations could be handled differently.


To deal with such instances we have a complaints handling procedure to consider any complaint and to take remedial action as required.


If you are not satisfied with the outcome after making a complaint to this office, you may direct your concerns to the appropriate professional or Government body.


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