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Riverton Trading Pty Ltd (In Liquidation) Trading as BOOK CITY

Update 3 - 4/4/2012

The Liquidators have resolved stock ownership issues and are now in a position to dispose of remaining stock.

The store at 133 Elizabeth Street, Hobart and the Channel Court Kingston store will be operating as clearance outlets until further notice. The Hobart store will be operating from 4th April 2012 and the Kingston store from 10th April 2012. Trading hours may vary due to demand but are expected to be between 10am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays. All Stock will be heavily discounted and must be sold.

Saturday trading will be from the Hobart and Kingston store until further notice.

Any persons with an outstanding lay-buy please go to the Elizabeth Street Hobart store.

Gift Voucher Holders
Holders of valid gift vouchers/cards please note that all vouchers/cards are currently unable to be redeemed during the Liquidation sale for the face value of the voucher/card (a valid gift voucher/card must be dated less than 12 months from the issue date).

Voucher holders can however, by presenting their valid gift voucher/card in store during the Liquidation sale, obtain a further 10% discount on any purchase made, eg:
  Full retail price of book $100
  Sale price (with 40% store-wide discount) $60
  Sale price by showing valid gift voucher/card $50

Alternatively, voucher holders may wish to lodge a proof of debt with the liquidators as an unsecured creditor. It is not expected that there will be a dividend paid in the Liquidation to unsecured creditors.

 Update 2 – 26/3/2012

A meeting of creditors was held on 20 March 2012 and the creditors resolved for Johnathan Murrell and Paul Cook to continue as Liquidators.

The Liquidators are continuing to resolve stock ownership issues with Retention of Title suppliers. Unfortunately this process is taking longer than we expected however it is necessary to confirm all third party claims to assets. Once this task has been completed we will be in a position to provide a further update.

This is expected to take a further 7-10 days before ownership of remaining stock is resolved.

 Update 1 – 7/3/2012

Paul Cook and Johnathan Murrell were appointed Liquidators of the company operating the Book City stores in Hobart, Eastlands Shopping Centre and Channel Court Shopping Centre on 5 March, 2012.

At this early stage of the Liquidation trading of the three stores has been suspended until ownership of stock issues with suppliers have been determined.

Gift Voucher Holders
Presently, until those stock ownership issues have been resolved, the Liquidators are unable to redeem gift vouchers or in store credits in exchange for goods.  

We ask that you retain any vouchers and monitor this web site as further updates become available.  We expect to provide a further update within 14 days.

Laybuy, Deposits and Special Orders
If you have a purchase on laybuy, have paid a deposit for an item that was not in stock or are awaiting the delivery of a special order you should also monitor this web site for further updates.

If you wish to provide details of your transaction please send an e-mail to

Suppliers are requested to close their accounts against the Company in respect of goods supplied and services rendered up to and including 5 March 2012;

Essential service providers (for example, gas, electricity, telephone and water) should note that unless the Liquidators specifically request that accounts be opened in the name of the company (In Liquidation) no liability will be accepted by the Liquidators for any services provided or utilised after the date of appointment.

With regard to unexecuted orders and partly executed orders on hand at 5 March 2012 suppliers are requested to obtain confirmation of their orders from this office before proceeding further.  It is not expected that we will accept any further deliveries.

Retention of Title Claims
Creditors with ROT claims are asked to forward to our office immediately, but no later than 5 business days:
  1. Details of any security interest registered on the Personal Property Securities Register including the agreement that gives rise to the security interest;
  2. a copy of all unpaid Invoices and Statements of Account for the past six months;
  3. a copy of the ROT clause (if not included at point 1); and
  4. details of how you can specifically identify goods as having been supplied by you and whether you can distinguish which of those goods have been paid for and which have not.
Due to the commencement of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 suppliers will need to pay particular attention to supplies delivered after 30 January, 2012 and the terms of trade under which those supplies were made.

Expressions of Interest for all or part of the business or its assets

Urgent and immediate expressions of interest are sought for the Book City business, and its assets.  Please direct all enquiries to